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Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

Fairy Tales Kancil and Tiger

Fairy Tales Kancil and Tiger

One day, there was a famine in an island whose inhabitants mostly inhabited by the Tigers. They are very hungry, because the day no animals to their prey. Finally, King Tiger and the commander sent his soldiers to go to a small island on the other side and come back with a lot of makanan.Perjalanan to the small island on the other side far enough. Finally, they arrived at their destination. There they were amazed to see the natural beauty of the small home. However, upon their arrival there. They just saw a little hare on the waterfront. The hare was soon dashed. However, he was too late. He is already on surrounded by tigers. '' Hey hare! Where is your king? We came to ask for food. If you refuse, we will attack this tiny island. And behold, we bring pieces whisker our king. '' The word warrior king Tiger and showed mustache. '' Mustache's huge. Tiger king certainly very large and strong. I will bring the king tiger whiskers and show it to our king. '' Said the hare. Actually, the hare was very confused because in such a small island there are a king. At that time, the hare saw his friend a huge porcupine. He immediately found an idea.
'' Hey my friend. Come here, I really need your help! '' Said the hare.
'' Hah? Help? Cil Why? '' Asked Urchin.
'' For the safety of all the animals on this island. '' Replied the hare.
Finally, plucked porcupine prickly greatest, stoning and long. After getting the bur. The hare ran to bring thorn Hedgehog and submit to the Tigers. The hare was looking for where the tiger is. Finally, hare managed to find them on the beach. They slept very soundly. Kancil was awaken Tiger commander.
'' Sir, we are ready to fight the king. As proof of that. Our king also sent his mustache. '' The word hare firmly. He was immediately handed over to the Tigers porcupine mustache.
'' This is the king of your mustache? '' Asked Tiger commander.
'' Yes, it is our king mustache smallest. Our king also accepted the challenge from the king you. '' The word hare.
The tiger was very surprised to see the mustache king of small islands large and sharp.
'' Mustache king very large hare. Very large mustache our king. We definitely will be hard to fight it. '' Whispered the Tiger commanders to soldiers.
'' And then what? "Asked one of the Tigers.
'' We'd better get out of this island. '' Replied commander Tiger.
Finally, the Tigers left the small island. they went on a trip to island in search of food.
Since then, no one else dared Tigers came to a small island. All that thanks to the ingenuity and kecerdikkannya

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